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Ancestral Healing and Education Program by Mind Scan™ @ Canada - Nov 8 - 15, 2018

The Masters’ Practitioner Course in Canada - Nov 16 - 18, 2018

Ancestral Healing and Education Program by Mind Scan™



1) To gift Ancestral Practitioners to society.

2) To heal consciousness of mankind by setting the ancestors free, gifting them liberation and upgrading their growth in the seven planes of astral dimensions!


Conducted By:-

Ms Prameela Sreemangalam

Founder - Mind Scan™

Author, Psychotherapist and Life Coach 

Awards - TOI Speaking Tree - Good Karma, Young Women Achievers, Perfect Achievers' 2017, and more.



AHTP is a complete channeled program wherein by using the spiritual science energy, the ancestral imprints are worked upon.

Ancestral imprints like Beliefs, Thoughts, Traumas, Habits, Curses, Tragedies, Ailments, spells et cetera are shared in the genetic impressions through the DNA that influences one's' life ahead are worked upon.

In this detailed healing modality, ancestral imprints are worked for resolutions,and liberation is gifted to the ancestors from the earth planes.This frees the consciousness of present and future generations who attains freedom and healing to lead a healed and progressive life. 



1) This workshop is suitable for Both Men and Woman who are keen to resolve Ancestral issues. 

2) Who wish to take ahead a learning to transform as Ancestral Healing Practitioner. 



1) To upgrade life quality with ancestral blessings.

2) Heal family karmas and attain freedom from long pending ancestral issues.

3) Family repatterning for healing consciousness of present life reality.

4) Attain release from ancestral oaths, vows, curses, generational loop issues.

5) Come out of repetitive patterns of ancestral blocks. 

6) Obtain freedom from ancestral shadow.

7) Receive invocation to receive love, respect, rewards, recognition and honor in work and life.

8)Learn four methods of ancestral channeling.

9) Attain resolutions in health areas and healing in organ ailments and conditions.

10) Peacemaking for life progress.

11) Step ahead in spiritual growth, awareness and awakening.

12)Attain release from ancestral paranormal activities.

13)Get introduced to Ascended Masters.

14)Receive invocations which helps an individual to attain freedom, awareness, self-realization, enlightenment - Key pathways to lead an evolved and spiritually empowered prosperous life.

15)Learn Self-Healing Modality.

16)Serve the humanity in the bigger and larger plan of the divine.



Level 1- The Immortal Beings 

08th to 09th November 2018 (2 Days)

Level 2 - Channeling with Masters 

10th to 11th November 2018 (2 Days)

Level 3 - Healing with Creator Consciousness

12th to 13th November 2018 (2 Days)

Level 4 - Divine Oneness

14th to 15th November 2018 (1.5 Days)


Energy Exchange:-

2000 CAD


Value of Energy Exchange:-

Includes Ancestral Prayer Booklet, Crystal Dowsing Pendulum, Ancestral Reading Board and Ancestral Divination Deck, Masters Divination Deck, Chakra Board, Manuals and Certificates.



To attend or know more about the program, write to

Message/ Call Prameela +91 9820097181

Call Ms Kanwalpreet Kaur +1 647 9130373

Mind Scan ™

Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution⁠⁠⁠⁠


Additional Benefits:-

1) Be a part of Mind Scan community, that helps you with learnings, additional informations and constant guidance to upgrade life quality as a Ancestral Healing Practitioner.

2) Be a part of shifts and change for universe by clearing ancestral karma’s thus aiding in universal evolution. 

(At a time 128 Ancestors are liberated from the Consciousness planes).



The Masters’ Practitioner Course


Conducted By

Mind Scan™

Founder - Ms Prameela Sreemangalam, is a

TOI Speaking Tree - Good Karma Award Winner, Young Women Achievers 2017, Perfect Achievers Award, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.


What is Masters Process?

It is an alternative modality of healing through Spiritual Science Energy where a Practitioner works on an individual to result in the desired healing on the following areas - Physical Diseases/ Ailments, Psychological Spiritual, Ethereal and Life. 


How does this work?

An individual undergoing the Masters’ Practitioner program, receives a series of invocations and channeling of energy from theseventh plane consciousness of Divine and Ascended Masters’ Rays which empowers them with the energy to heal and help people of the universe.


The student is invoked to be centered and connected to heart-self energy, which is then aligned with the Divine source plane where Masters appear, based on the healing and the learnings that has to be received by the individual. 


About this Gift to Pam

This process was a gift to Prameela Sreemangalam (Pam- Founder of Mind Scan™, India), during her channeling with Divine and Masters in several years of time span. 

Masters channel through her hands and results in the desired healing.

In the three day workshop, students are trained to understand the modality of healing, receive invocations to be gifted with mediumship and aid as a portal for being a Practitioner. 



Level 1 - November 16th 2018 (One Day)

Level 2 - 17th to 18th November 2018 (2 Days)


Energy Exchange

1000 CAD


Give Away

Manual, Certificates, Crystal Pendulum,  Masters Divination Deck and Board. 


Application of this therapy can benefit:-

1) In Physical Healing

Some of which are:-

Healing of Cancer, tissue repair, healing of physical injuries and wounds, Paralysis, Fibroids, Cardiac conditions, Tumor, Health issues, Diabetes et cetera.


2) In Psychological Areas

Some of which are:-

Psychical Traumas, Mental Healing, Grievances , Hopelessness, Anger, Failure, Lack of initiative, Confidence, Procrastination, Abuse, Psycho-somatic ailments, Fear, Anxiety, et cetera


3) In Spiritual Areas

Some of which are:-

Excess indulgence in materialism, Lack of purpose, Ignorance of laws of life, Dogmatism, Greed, Constant Negativity, Addictive Behaviors, Hopelessness, Autism Healing, Fatigue, Chronic Depression, Karmic Healing, et cetera.


4) In Ethereal Areas

Some of which are:-

Wind - Tremor and convulsion, aches all over the body.

Heat - Perspiration and Fever

Damp - Swelling, Legs feeling heavy, skin eruptions.

Dry - Dry cracked skin, nose and mouth.

Cold -  Cramps, Chills, cold to touch.

Fire -  Nosebleed, localized redness, insomnia, restlessness.


5) In Life Areas

Some of which are:-

To create Abundance, Financial Healing and Productivity, Manifesting Success, Removing Scarcity, Clearing of Mental Poverty, Life Gradation, Enhancing Life Flow and Growth, et cetera.


Benefits and Process Flow

The Three Day Masters Course includes series of Invocation of Ascended Masters Energy through Meditation and Channeling.

1. Channeling of the invoked energy into chakras, endocrine glands, lymph nodes benefits the cellular level healing resulting in cleansing, detoxification and elimination of toxins from the system. This results in any imprint of health or ailment healing naturally.

2. The invocation results in rise in spiritual energy which gifts the participant with important soul and life lessons which when applied to the inner consciousness results in soul healing and growth. This results in karmic level healing, clearing of chronic issues and baggages, thus benefitting conditions of autism, pregnancy healing, health healing, et cetera.

3. Psychological, Emotional and Mental Healing occurs which results in the progress of life.

4. The energy of Money, Wealth, Life, Abundance and Spirituality grows naturally.

5. Progress in ascension related to Spiritual, Physical, Ethereal, Mental and Soul layers.


To register/ know about the program and batches


Message/ Call Prameela +91 9820097181

Call Ms Kanwalpreet Kaur +1 647 9130373

Mind Scan ™

Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution

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