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Indian Head Massage

Susana Solari
Indian Head Massage
Osteopathic Practitioner


Tuesdays - Saturdays


Phone: 416.795.1031

About Susana Solari

Susana is a manual therapy practitioner trained in Amatsu and Osteopathy. Both complementary health care approaches have a holistic view of health aiding in the restoration of the body’s own ability to heal itself.  

Integrating both Western and Eastern osteopathic techniques, Susana accompanies patients through the

process of restoring health and well-being.  


She graduated with distinction from the Amatsu Therapy School in Ireland where she practiced until

October 2012. Coming to Canada, she pursued training in Osteopathy and she is currently a member of the

Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals. Always eager to upgrade her skills, she has continued her education in visceral Amatsu (organs manipulation), cranial osteopathy at the Academy of Osteopathic Science and Fascial Release with Tom Myers.

Susana also holds a Bachelor in Education (Hons) and has worked in education with children and adults in different countries. 

Susana also offers Indian Head Massage and is fluent in English and Spanish.


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