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Sarla Mills

Registered Psychotherapist



Julia Zheretiy
Registered Psychotherapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Life Stress Reduction Facilitator Reiki Practitioner


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Practitioner Bios

Sarla Mills

Welcome to my Psychotherapy practice where I endeavor to create a safe space for healing to occur.  I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a background in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis.  


My Psychotherapy practice for adults facilitates a holistic, healing and transformative way of experiencing yourself and your life.  Through discovery and awareness, I help you to shift the way you perceive your experiences so that you have a greater understanding of your life as a person with the power to co-create.  I also believe that

psycho-education is an essential component of this process.


There is a spiritual component of my practice, which embraces the understanding that we don't need to be alone in this process.  Whatever your belief system is, you can learn to use it to help you transcend your darkest moments.  The primary modality used in these therapy sessions is talk therapy.  Clinical hypnosis among other experiential modalities is often used to enhance the sessions.


My Paediatric practice assists children (6 years and older) to cope with their unique challenges.  Paediatric Hypnosis is the primary modality used in these sessions.  Adding elements of Narrative Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Mindfulness to this process enhances the client's awareness of their triggers and subconscious motivations. 


It is important to ensure that your therapist is a good fit.  If you are interested in speaking to me about your circumstances, please contact me for a free 20- minute consultation.  My services may be covered under extended health benefits and are a tax-deductible medical expense.


For more information, please visit my website.

Julia Zheretiy

Julia is a licensed Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Stress Reduction Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner.


She offers adults and youth individual support with Anxiety Disorders (Social, Health, GAD), Depressive Disorders, OCD, BPD, Adjustment Disorder, Panic and Phobias, Trauma Disorders. Julia's approach to treatment is a customized integration of evidence-based treatment techniques with alternative methods. She uses CBT, ERP, DBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Hypnotherapy, Life Stress Reduction, Traumatic Incident Reduction in conjunction with EFT (Tapping), Reiki, body psychotherapy, chaka balancing and spiritual guidance.


She provides her clients actionable tools to help them navigate current modern-day human experience, while guiding through the process of reconnecting with the spiritual nature of the human existence. 


With over 4 years of experience in private practice, under supervision of a psychologist, and as a Teaching Assistant at Transformational Arts College Julia has given over 1,600 hours of therapy. She offers session in-office as well as remotely online or by phone to support. Her services are covered by many employer’s extended health benefit plans.

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