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Dr. Anousha Usman
Naturopathic Doctor
Hormone Support
Acupuncture & Nutrition
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Peter Petropanagos, MScPT, FCAMPT

Registered Physiotherapist, 

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider


Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays


Phone:  647.654.4879

Practitioner Bios

About Anousha Usman

I help people rediscover their wellness because when the body is well, life is extraordinary. For the busy hard working professional, it is my mission to uncomplicate health so that you can live your best life sooner and longer. Because ultimately, your health is your wealth.

Dr. Anousha Usman completed a bachelor of science at York University; having spent some time abroad volunteering and shadowing in hospitals in Botswana, Africa, she realized her calling was more than just medicine, it was holistic health care. Armed with a thirst for knowledge, Dr. Anousha earned a Doctorate of Naturopathy after an intensive four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. She completed portions of her internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (North York), Sherbourne Health Centre (Toronto), and Brampton Civic Hospital; Dr. Anousha also volunteered abroad at a clinic in Ometepe, Nicaragua during her time at CCNM. 

In her spare time, Dr. Anousha enjoys the close company of friends and family. She fuels her creativity by painting, baking (yes, naturopaths eat sugar sometimes), and writing. To maintain her sanity, Dr. Anousha enjoys a regular exercise routine that benefits both her body and soul.


Coupled with her calling of being in health service to others, Dr. Anousha actively pursues her passion in public speaking and has presented seminars on health, wellness, and stress management at Ford Headquarters Canada (Oakville), various offices with the Government of Ontario (Toronto), and at Triloka Psychology (Brampton).


  • Individualized holistic care

  • acupuncture and cupping

  • nutritional/supplemental and dietary counselling

  • lifestyle modification.

  • Labs that include but are not limited to food sensitivity testing, laboratory, and hormonal testing. 

About Peter Petropanagos

We were made to move. Movement is paramount to our health and quality of life. My passion for movement, health and physical therapy began with my own personal experiences with injury and movement dysfunction. Having played competitive soccer for most of my life, I experienced a number of different injuries throughout my career. While playing NCAA collegiate level soccer at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, I tore a major ligament in my right knee in my senior year that nearly ended my soccer career early. An extremely intensive rehabilitation program and a positive and determined mindset brought me back on to the field in time to play with teammates to win an NCAA National Championship. This experience helped me realize how powerful our bodies can be and the innate capacity they possess to heal. At Franklin Pierce University I was also fortunate to be honoured as the Senior Male Scholar-Athlete of the year and named to the ESPN Academic All-American team. After graduating with a degree in Biology, I returned to Canada to continue playing soccer at a semi-professional level with the Canadian Soccer League. At the same time, I began coaching elite soccer until deciding to return to school to pursue physical therapy education.

In 2013 I graduated from the University of Toronto Clinical Masters in Physical Therapy Program. The deep study of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics was a great complement to the kinesthetic education I had received playing high level soccer. Having a passion for knowledge and desire to help as many people as possible inspired me to pursue further clinical training in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and Advanced Needling Techniques at McMaster University. I also went on to receive certification in Kinesio-taping, concussion therapy, soft tissue therapy and most recently the completion of a five-year advanced manual physiotherapy certification qualifying me as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT).

Now with eight years of clinical experience in both the public and private health-care settings, and a large therapeutic toolbox to pull from, I tend to see a wide variety of clients with varying needs from head to toe. Many have had sports or work-related injuries, both acute and long term repetitive strains. I work with clients that have had motor vehicle accidents and concussions, post-operatively, and with different forms of chronic pain, arthritis and dysfunctional movement. When movement is impaired through traumatic injury or repetitive strains over time, a combination of manual therapy, exercise, collaborative goal setting, and patient education are essential to a successful recovery.

Empowering others to be the experts of their own body is very important to me. And everyone experiences both good and bad times of physical health, so it helps to think of health as a moving target. To keep our bodies in their most healthy state we also need to develop balance, variety, and awareness of our movement patterns. Moving often and moving well is the key to my personal philosophy on physical health and vitality. Find what moves you.

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